Contacts Duplicates Remover helps you to make Outlook Contacts be identical, removes duplicated contacts in Outlook on windows and Address Book on Mac if you have many copies of some contacts.

It is easy to clear duplicated contacts within Outlook Contacts in simple steps: First, run "Contacts Duplicates Remover", it will load and find duplicates. After that, select "Delete" to clear duplicated contacts.

If you've been using Outlook for a while, you'v probably encountered a few duplicated contacts in your Outlook Contacts list or Address Book on Mac. Although, you could find and remove the duplicated contacts by checking them one by one. But, if you have many of them, it will be a big problem.

Who needs Contacts Duplicates Remover?

If you meet one of these situation, you should need Contacts Duplicates Remover:

Various Conditions to Delete Duplicated Contacts

Contacts Duplicates Remover provides various matching conditions for finding duplicates in Address Book. These conditions makes it flexible to find duplicated contacts in various situations.