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Best Way to Clean up iTunes Library

Are you tring to figure out the best way to clean up a very large iTunes library?  People who use iTunes to manage music library for a little bit long time, will notice that iTunes library becomes bigger and bigger with tons of duplicates and non-existent tracks.  Although, iTunes provides simple feature to get rid of duplicates, but it's sometimes too simple to function.  

iTunes Duplicates Cleaner makes this cleanup quickly,  with the little app, you can get all duplicates and non-existent tracks removed with no more than three clicks.

  • First of all, you need to download the correct version of iTunes Duplicates

    iTunes Duplicates Cleaner supports both Windows and Mac version of iTunes, so you need to download the proper copy.  

  • Run iTunes Duplicates Cleaner, it will load and parse itunes library automatically, and also sorts dupes as well generally.

  • Clean up itunes library

  • Adjust the selection that the app smarly choose if it's necessary. 

  • Click "Delete" button on the top tool bar and have a coffee, you will get a clean iTunes library. 

  • If you are not sure which duplicates to be deleted, make changes in "Preferences" to dsable delete the real files associate to tracks, or remove them to Trash / Recycle Bin

  • Done!



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