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How to use iTunes Duplicates Cleaner

iTunes Duplicates Cleaner is an easy and powerful iTunes duplicate remover, which works on both Mac and Windows systems. If you have run iTunes for a period of time, there are must be some duplicated songs existing in your iTunes library. The duplicates always waste your space on hard disk, and repeat frequently when you are playing songs. To get rid of the dupes, let iTunes Duplicates Cleaner do the deletion task automatically.

Prepare to remove duplicates in iTunes library

  1. Download the correct version of iTunes Duplicates Cleaner for you operation system. iTunes Duplicates Cleaner supports Windows and Mac OSX.

    (Download Mac Version)

    (Download Windows Version)

  2. Install iTunes Duplicates Cleaner on your system
    After downloading the right version of program to your local hard disk,

    for Windows, find the downloaded setup file which is always with the name "itunesduplicatessetup.exe", double click to run the setup installer, following the steps to finish installation.

    for Mac OSX, find the downloaded zipped file in Finder, double click to uncompress the zipped file, the the .dmg file will be released to the same folder as "" with filename "iTunesDuplicatesCleaner.dmg", mount the .dmg file and then drag "iTunes Duplicates" to "Applications" to finish installation.

  3. Run iTunes Duplicates Cleaner

    You will see the welcome screen when you run the application first time. This screen shows a brief introduction of using iTunes Duplicates Cleaner. If you don't like to see the welcome screen, you can uncheck the option on the bottom left of the screen. You can select to show welcome screen from Menu or change the preference settings.

    You will always see the notice screen for registration if you are running an unregistered version. Unregistered version let you to try and make clear if it meets your requirements, if it does work for you, please buy a license from our website and activate the program with the code we send you. After activation, this screen will never be shown again.

    iTunes Duplicates Cleaner will load and analyze iTunes library, it will take a little bit time if you have large number of songs in your iTunes Library, please be patient. (For windows version, please run from "Start" menu and select "iTunes Duplicates Cleaner for Large Library" when you have a big library.)

    Find Duplicates - Click   to find the duplicated songs and put into groups
    Auto Mark Dupes - Click   to check dupes to be deleted automatically depends on the condition settings in preferences.
    Delete Checked Tracks - Click   to delete checked tracks
    Reload Library - Click   to reload library anytime you want discard the find checks or refresh the library

  4. You can specify the conditions to match the duplicates. By default, "Name" is the fundamental for matching duplicates, the tracks with same name from same artist and in the same album also with same file size will be treated as duplicates. You can change these settings anyway.


  5. To avoid loss of your songs by mistake, iTunes Duplicates Cleaner provides an option to remove files of the delete songs to "Trash" or "Recyle Bin" instead of deleting them permanently, this allows you to get the miss deleted tracks back at anytime. This option is enabled by default.



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