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Move iTunes music library to a new computer

How do you deal with iTunes music library after replacing a new pc computer? Actually it’s easy to transfer existing music library between PC computers following these steps:

  1. Install iTunes after setting up new computer
  2. Copy iTunes music from older computer to new one.
    iTunes stores all music tracks and library configuration under Users Documents, it’s a little bit different for XP and Vista or Windows 7.

    For XP, the iTunes music library  always  locates at
    C:\Documents and Settings\user name\My Documents\My Music\iTunes 
    For Vista and Windows 7,
    C:\Users\user name\Music\iTunes

  3. Run iTunes on new computer, every thing is there.

This is the deal between PC computers. If you want to transfer from Mac to PC or PC to Mac, you can use PodPhone to PC or PodPhone to Mac to do the job with various useful options during the transfer.

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